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At Hansen Hometech, we have created and maintained exceptional living spaces in neighborhoods throughout the greater Minneapolis area since 1980. 

We have 2 generations of experience to back up our work building, remodeling and maintaining your home. Our customers agree that we are uniquely qualified to provide:

  • Solutions to Challenging Building Situations 
  • Unique Design and Style 
  • Quality Craftsmen and Craftsmanship 
  • Total Customer Satisfaction

We use these qualities throughout our process to deliver your dream home to your family. Our process starts with listening to your needs and ideas for making your investment your "dream home". We then partner with you to visualize, finalize and make the "dream" come true!


Your Ideas and Dreams

All projects begin with a customer wish list - a rough sketch of your ideas, elements from magazine pictures, websites, photos of friend's houses and some preliminary ideas of applicable fixtures and appliances.  More importantly we're here to listen to you.

Our initial meeting in your home allows us to take a look at how you are using all the spaces in your current home, listen to your needs. listen to your dreams and assess your challenging spaces.  

The blending of the new and existing work is very important to us and creates the most value to the project.  As we assess your challenging spaces, we look at how we may best compliment the remaining living areas while integrating new style and functionality into your living space.

  • We take measurements and photos of the entire home. 
  • Listen to your ideas for fixtures and other design elements 
  • Discuss options to cross-utilize remodeled spaces and introduce new possibilities. 
  • Review your dream list of ideas 
  • Provide assistance in establishing a beginning budget  
  • Answer any other questions you may have



Shortly after our first meeting we will set up a second meeting.  Using Hansen Hometech's years of design skills coupled with computer-assisted programming, we present a realistic view of your design using 3-D views and perspectives.

Hansen Hometech will come to the meeting prepared to help you visualize your dream and provide a beginning budget for your project. The price of the dream is constantly evolving as we partner with you to find options and make changes to your design to ensure that we are creating a project that fits comfortably within your budget while bringing your dream to life!



The plans are almost finalized- by "almost" we mean to say that remodeling is not a perfect science.  Plans and budgets are constantly in motion, however, they are defined enough to begin finalizing the material selections such as tile, lighting, plumbing fixtures and all the other elements that will become a part of your dream.

Uncertainty is the norm at this point, however, we continue to partner with you to find elements that suit your style, keeping track of the details, keeping the established budget in mind, as you shop.

If you would like some more help and inspiration for your space, we can introduce you to a design specialist or guide you to showrooms and websites to help you find the perfect finishing touches for your project.


Your Dream Takes Shape

Now the fun begins! Plans are approved, contract is signed, material selections are finalized. We apply for permits, order finish materials and outline your project schedule including a start and expected finish date.

Now that building is about to begin - our partnership continues to grow! We'll introduce you to our production team and outline what you need to do to prepare for the start of construction. We'll explain how we maintain our work areas, identify daily start times, home access, parking & dumpster locations and other details/questions that may come up before we begin.

Our craftsmen will integrate into your daily lifestyle with minimal disruption by setting up temporary areas for cooking and bathing essentials and scheduling major project tasks, such as floor refinishing, around your family's schedule.

Our partnership continues to grow after construction is completed.  We offer a 6 month, 1yr and 2yr quality inspection service at no additional charge to ensure that our work is meeting your expectation - and ours! 

During these inspections, we also make notes of other maintenance items that need to be done to protect your valuable asset.  You are under no obligation to have us complete the work that we note- its part of our commitment to our partnership to provide honest and reliable information to maintain your home.  

When you do call us back for service and repair work, you can be confident that we provide that service with the same level of quality, integrity and dependability you have come to expect from Hansen Hometech!

Hansen hometech is also your area Lindsay Windows Dealer, Lindsay Manufactures energy efficient vinyl replacment windows in many styles and colors for all your window needs. Contact us today for more information.


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