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The Pinnacle Window incorporates state-of-the-art design and manufacturing with architecturally pleasing good looks that are sure to complement any home's style.

Highlighted Features:

uPVC Windows
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Custom and Elegant replacement windows by Pinnacle Window

The Pinnacle Window incorporates state-of-the-art design and manufacturing with architecturally pleasing good looks that are sure to complement any home's style.

High Quality Sash & Frame

  • Fusion welded corners in both frame and sash for exceptional structural strength and barrier against air and water penetration
  • Attractive beveled exterior provides beauty and “rich” look
  • uPVC unplasticized vinyl compound
  • Smooth, maintenance-free surface
  • Concealed hinges
  • Multi-chambered insulating design for added strength and energy efficiency
  • Patented security locking system including integrated tilt latches.  Quality hardware. non-corrosive locks draw sashes together for a tight seal.
  • Injected (not slide-in) foam for extra insulation and sound reduction
  • Nightvent to allow limited sash opening.

Superior Weather Resistance

  • Double-strength, LowE 366 insulated glass units for the ultimate in UV protection, comfort and energy savings. “Bonded” to sash to create structurally sound unit and resist weather intrusion
  • Super Spacer®: the most innovative and warmest glass spacer system for maximum energy efficiency
  • 3 seals at sill:  Q-Lon, magnetized (like a refrigerator door), and fin seal.  Over 60' of weatherstrip in an average window
  • Multipoint weather sealing locks

Easy, Simple Operation

  • Tilt-in or 90º sash for easy cleaning
  • Block-and-tackle balance system for a smooth, quiet, and maintenance free use
  • Contoured integral lift rail for easy window operation
  • Many available accessories to enhance installation and use, including extension jambs and airspace colonial grids

Energy Efficiency


Exterior Glazed Sash Shown. Optional Pocket Sill



LowE 366 Glass with Neat Coating

LowE 366 is the ultimate performance glass. It delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. And it provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, making it the perfect glass no matter where you live.

LoE3-366 Glass

Warm Edge Spacer

The TruWARM® Super Spacer® is the world’s only all-foam, NO-Metal edge seal product that reduces condensation, frosting, and mold growth while providing the highest levels of energy performance.

Warm Edge Spacer


The reinforced interlock in the Pinnacle Window Double Hung is designed to significantly reduce air infiltration.  It also helps as a security barrier for your home.  The reinforcement provides strength for long-term satisfaction of your windows.

Pinnacle Interlock Detail

Dualtech Vinyl Latch/Lock System

DualTech combines streamlined lock visuals with a slimline tilt latch to achieve a leaner high-end appearance and true market distinction.  Allows sash to easily tilt in for cleaning.

dualtech vinyl latch

Sash Lift System

Patented exclusive roller tilt sash lift system.  Only system where the springs follow the sash, which allows sash movement with little friction and less noise.

 sash lift system

Tilt-In Window

Your Pinnacle Window Double-Hung utilizes special hardware for easy cleaning. Both sashes tilt-in for easy cleaning from inside your home.

Tilt-In Window




Double-hung windows are the most common choice for homebuilders. Double-hung windows contain two panes which both slide vertically.

Awning Hopper


Awning - Similar to a casement window as it also opens on a hinge. The main difference between the two styles is that an awning window opens horizontally rather than vertically, which somewhat limits how far it can be opened. One benefit of this set-up, however, is that awning windows can often be left open during storms because the open pane deflects rainfall.

Hopper - Essentinally the same as an awning window, but opens at the top rather than the bottom. For obvious reasons, this style does not direct rain away from the interior.



Like doors, casement windows pivot on hinges. This style often opens outward and may be operated with a hand-crank. According to Better Homes and Gardens, casement shapes tend toward the tall and narrow, so wide wall openings usually feature several.

Picture Transom Fixed


A picture window is a fixed window that does not open or close.  Picture windows are often used as transoms (side lights) next to a large window or door or as a large window to provide an expanded view.



These windows open horizontally. On a single slider, only one side operates. On a double slider, both sides operate. We make a variety of sliding windows which can also be tilted in, swing in, or lifted out for easy cleaning.



Lindsay has several other types of windows that may be right for your application. Just ask!

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