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Welcome Homeland Improvements Inc. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska. We sell and install the best priced and the most energy efficient Lindsay vinyl replacement windows and doors.

We offer triple & double pane windows, a large selection of beautiful fiberglass and steel entry doors, patio sliders & French / Terrace doors. We also specialize in most advanced video surveillance camera systems for business or residence. We have closed circuit or wireless systems available. 
We have over 20 years of combined, qualified experience in the replacement window and door commerce.  We have encountered just about every type of undertaking that  there is to encounter in this industry.   We truly enjoy working in an environment that involves meeting new people and making them our proud customers.

With the way that contractors are building homes recently, it is clear that many problems will eventually arise, regarding the subordinate products that are now being used to accommodate profit margins within the home building trade.  Windows, doors, skylights and various types of siding are among the suspect products that are being installed in these dwellings.

Our place of business is currently located in Waverly, Nebraska - just 10 min. east of Lincoln.  Homeland Improvements, Inc. covers a large area of enterprise, expanding as far west as North Platte, NE and as far east as Atlantic, Iowa.  We also cover north and south to the South Dakota and Kansas borders.  We have our contractor's license in both Nebraska and Iowa and carry an on-the-premises liability insurance policy.  Homeland Improvements is also a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and we carry a satisfactory rating with zero complaints.  If you are interested in contacting any of our customers for a reference please feel free to contact us at any time.

Homeland Improvements offers a lifetime warranty on all of our products.  Take a look around the website and email or call us with any questions.  Have a good day and thanks for looking!

Call 402-786-3488  or go to today for a FREE estimate! We cover the entire state of Nebraska and western Iowa!