Posted : 2010-08-02

Blinds in Windows

400 Casements & 400 Fixed Casements

  • Blinds tilt & lift
  • 10 year warranty on all blinds (all options)
  • 6 Color options with the blinds  (White hardware only)
  • Visit to view colors.
  • Screen must be removed to operate blind. (N/A in Picture Window)
  • Available in 400 “Fixed” up to 40” wide


 Option 1 panel Blind

  • Available with Low-E glass
  • Separate glass panel is attached.
  • IG Units/Blinds/Removable glass panel

This option Glass has a life time warranty against seal fail & qualifies for the stimulus package.


 Option 2 IG Blind 

  • Clear Glass if the bind is within the IG

Does not quality for stimulus

  • 10 year warranty



Blinds in Doors

2030 Patio Door

  • Clear glass only
  • Blinds are in the IG Unit
  • Tilt operation and raise/lower operation
  • 5’ and 6’ doors as well as custom size doors up to 74”x83”
    • 6 color options with the blinds  (White hardware only)

Visit to view colors

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Glass Warranty not available


click here to view the Blinds Brochure

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