Clear View Screen

Posted : 2010-07-14

Lindsay Windows offers a "less visible" screen mesh, the Clear View Screen. 


Standard Screen Mesh

  • The standard screen mesh does not allow for as much air and sunlight to pass through because the screen uses a larger fiber strand.
  • Our standard screen mesh meets and/or surpasses all industry standards.
  • Standard screen mesh is included in the proce when you purchase a Lindsay Window that would normally come with a screen.
  • Charcoal Color

Clear View Screen Mesh

  • Allows 50% more light through than the standard screen mesh.
  • Uses a much finer gauge of fiberglass strand than the standard screen mesh.
  • The Clear View Screen Nesh has more strands providing a tighter weave that keeps the bugs out.
  • There are currently no industry standards for this type of screen, but the Clear View Screen Mesh does meet and/or surpass all of the same standards as our standard mesh.
  • Optional for all windows.


Increased Visibility - This Clear View Screen Mesh will allow 50% more of the natural sunlight through, and also gives room for more air flow through the screen.

Increased Curb Appeal - The Clear View Screen is harder to see from the exterior of your home.  The curb appeal of your home is easily enhanced with the use of the Clear View Screen Mesh.

Pricing - The standard screen mesh is included in the cost when ordering a Lindsay Window that would normally come with a screen.  Clear View screen mesh is optional and additional charges may apply.

Maintenance and Cleaning - A high-pressure washer cannot be used on the Clear View Screen mesh.  To clean your Clear View Screens, simply use a sponge or soft scrub brush and a mild soap.  Then, gently rinse clean with water.

Durability -  The Clear View Screen Mesh is thinner but more dese than the standard screen mesh, and meets all of the same industry standards that the standard screen mesh does.  Clear View Screen surpasses the industry minimum requirements for Tensile Strength and the Mullen Burst Test.


The difference is clear!  Contact a customer service representative today to see for yourself!


click here to view the Clear View Screen Brochure

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