Posted 2010-06-23
Caring for your Lindsay Windows and Doors is simple: Clean frames with a mixture of mild dish soap and water Check to make sure that drainage "weep" holes are clear of dirt and obstacles Abrasive or caustic cleaners are not recommended because they can cause permanent damage to teh vinyl …
Posted 2010-06-23
What has Lindsay Windows done to become more "green"? Installed energy efficient lighting in the entire production and warehouse areas moved to smaller, more efficient offices Joined Minnesota Waste Wise (Lindsay's efforts were featured in their annual report, page 4) Encouraged the …
Posted 2010-06-22
Condensation or frost on the inside surface of the glass or window does not indicate a defect in the window and is not covered by the warranty.  Condensation occurs when warm moist air comes in contact with the colder surface on a window.  It is a response to temperature and humidity in …
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My experience with Lindsay Windows has been incredible.  I first engaged them via the Chat feature online just to get a rough quote in place while shopping around for replacement windows for my …