Use of Good Housekeeping Seal for Earthwise Windows

The Good Housekeeping Seal (GHS) was earned and paid for by the Earthwise Group LLC (EWG).

The seal may be used in conjunction only with model numbers that are included in the approved list as submitted to Good Housekeeping at the time of application. Models may be added through a process approved by the Board of Managers.

When used to refer to a window product the GHS must be directly linked to Earthwise windows. This is to ensure that the consuming public will not be confused that Earthwise windows carry the seal and not other brands that may be mentioned in the advertisement or literature.

The GHS and the EWG name or logo, should be of approximately the same size and depiction, (color vs. black and white, bold type set vs. normal, etc) and prominence. A good way to ensure compliance is to link the GHS and the EWG window logo together as one.

Members are permitted to use their individual model names or designations to link to the GHS through the Earthwise Windows name. Members may use only model names or designations that they control. Use of other brand names outside the control of a member or the EWG is not permitted. Examples: A member may designate the 143.093 window the “Galaxy 2000”, if, to the best of his knowledge, the branding is not trademarked and is used exclusively by himself or other EWG members on the same product, the GHS maybe used if the EW logo or name is associated, (the Galaxy 2000, and Earthwise Window). Names such as “Mastic”, “Narrowline”, etc. are trademarked or not controlled exclusively by the group or a member and may not be used to indicate an EW product.

Members may allow their customers (dealers), to use the GHS if it meets the criterial above, i.e. the EWG member must control the name and the GHS must be directly tied to t he EWG name or logo. This will permit private labeling if the two conditions are met.

Usage terms for the Made in USA Certified are also similar to the Good Housekeeping Seal, in that it may only be used in conjunction with the Earthwise name and/or logo.