Environmentally Friendly Windows

Energy Efficient WindowsWe are committed to being an environmentally responsible company. We have examined every aspect of our business and made changes to become more “green”. Read about our efforts below!

Are vinyl windows “green”?

Vinyl is a superior product to wood in windows

  • Doesn’t cut down trees
  • Doesn’t rot
  • Holds color better than wood
  • Doesn’t require harmful paints or stains
  • Product life cycle is much longer = lower consumption/less replacement

Recycled vinyl can be “repurposed”

  • Into other vinyl parts (decking, mulch, etc.)
  • 99.9% of vinyl is repurposed

Vinyl is a superior thermal product

  • Thermal properties do not deteriorate over time
  • Better air ventilation
  • Minimizes mold and mildew
  • Superior thermal efficiency

What has Lindsay done to become more “green”?

  • Installed energy efficient lighting in entire production and warehouse areas
  • Moved to smaller, more efficient offices
  • Encouraged the use of Low-E glass
    • 99.9% of the vinyl windows Lindsay Minnesota made last year had Low-E
  • Recycling
    • We recycle approximately 1000% more than we did 3 years ago
    • 99.9% of inbound material is used in a product or recycled
    • Vinyl, Glass, Aluminum, Cardboard, construction materials, and paper are all recycled
    • Implementing program to increase recycling even further

I’ve seen information about a Green Seal, what does that mean?

Green Seal is a small non-profit organization with voluntary membership. Every single Lindsay window with Low-E glass SURPASSES the requirements of Green Seal.

Lindsay offers ENERGY STAR windows and products

To help you save energy and money and make a difference for the environment, Lindsay is proud to offer ENERGY STAR qualified products that save energy and help protect the environment without sacrificing features or performance.


Products that earn the ENERGY STAR use less energy and prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. With energy costs on consumers’ minds, Lindsay Window & Door is committed to offering solutions that help consumers conserve energy and improve the quality of our environment.

ENERGY STAR not only saves you money, it helps protect the environment

The typical household spends $1,900 a year on energy bills. With ENERGY STAR, you can save nearly $600 on energy bills. By choosing Lindsay ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors, you can save a substantial amount of money annually on your energy bills.

Join Lindsay in making a difference with ENERGY STAR. Go to www.energystar.gov or contact us today for more information.