Lindsay Window and Door Literature

We have many literature pieces available to assist you in your decision-making process.  Click the links below to view a PDF of the brochure.  To order literature, use the contact form (right) or download the request forms at the bottom of the page.  Please specify the brochures you would like and the quantities you would need.

Pinnacle Windows 
Pinnacle Brochure
Pinnacle Double Hung
Pinnacle Casement
Pinnacle Warranty

Healthy Windows
Healthy Brochure
Healthy Double Hung
Healthy Casement
Healthy Warranty

Window Series

888 Patio Door
2030 Patio Door
2030 Installation Guidelines
Botanica Garden Door
Casement Garden Window
Casement Garden Window FAQs
Casement Garden Window Installation Guidelines


LowE 366 Glass Brochure
Neat Glass Brochure
PPG Solarban70 Glass Brochure
PPG Solarban70 Glass Flyer


Bay & Bow Windows
Blinds in Windows
Hardware Color Options
Extension Jamb & Casing Options
Top Hung Patio Screen Door
Paint Color Options
Clear View Screen

Super Spacer
Super Spacer – For Homeowner
Super Spacer – Dealer Reference
Super Spacer Comparison Flyer
Blue Super Spacer Flyer (house)
Super Spacer – Home Is…
Green Edgetech Super Spacer
Between You and the Elements

Healthy Windows

Your New Windows Should
Healthy 711 Double Hung
Healthy 711 Double Hung – Triple Glazed
Healthy Windows Warranty

Earthwise Windows

Earthwise Brochure
Earthwise Windows Warranty
New Construction Standard Size Guide
Going Green Brochure

Sunview Windows

SunView Brochure
SunView Windows Warranty

Pinnacle Windows


Humidity & Condensation
Lindsay Mission Statement
Innergy Reinforcement
Lifetime Glass Warranty
Energy Tax Credit Certificate 2009-2010 
Energy Tax Credit Certificate 2011
Lindsay vs. Andersen Windows
Product Spec Sheet
Encore Hardware Brochure

Request Forms

Healthy/Sunview Literature Request
Earthwise Literature Request
Pinnacle Literature Request

Order Forms

Healthy/Sunview Order Forms
Earthwise Order Forms
Pinnacle Order Forms

NFRC Ratings

Earthwise NFRC Ratings
Sunview NFRC Ratings
Healthy NFRC Ratings
Pinnacle NFRC Ratings