The Door and Window Manufacturer Missouri Homeowners Can Trust

Window ManufacturerAs a homeowner in Missouri, you know how much the climate differs from winter to summer. Unlike the always-hot South or the frigid North, Missouri gets the best of both worlds: summers that make you feel like you’re melting and winters that call for the heaviest of parkas. That’s why you need windows and doors that are energy efficient in all seasons, whether they are preventing drafts during the winter or keeping the cool air inside during the summer. That’s where Lindsay Window & Door can help. We pride ourselves on the attention we place on energy efficiency. As a leading door and window manufacturer for Missouri homeowners, we strive to craft flawless products that look great, tout lasting durability, and perform beautifully in any weather.

We’re excited to serve the cities in Missouri that include, but aren’t limited to:

Our Products Can’t Be Beat

Other door and window manufacturers say they care about energy efficiency, but few actually walk the walk. They’re still making windows and doors using outdated materials that lack the helpful features necessary to truly make a difference. At Lindsay, we do things differently. We stay on top of the latest manufacturing technologies in order to consistently produce the best products on the market. Our windows boast plenty of features that could help lower your energy bills, like:

  • Low-e glass with argon filling – Our multiple-pane windows feature argon gas fills that help reduce heat transfer.
  • Advanced spacer technology – Other manufacturers use metal in their spacing systems, but not us; metal conducts both the cold and the heat, which reduces energy efficiency.
  • Triple weatherstripping – The more weatherstripping, the less drafty your windows will be. That’s why we use triple the industry standard.

At Lindsay Window & Door, we don’t just talk the talk—we walk the walk. We’re ready to help you gear up your home for the next Missouri season. Get in touch today to find out more about what makes us one of the best door and window manufacturers in the industry!