Energy Efficient Patio Doors for Kansas City, MO, Homes

Patio Doors Kansas City, MOWhen you’re considering the energy efficiency of your home in Kansas City, Missouri, don’t overlook the impact – positive or negative – that doors can have. A door with double- or triple-paned glass, durable frame materials, and enhanced weatherstripping can make a major difference for your home in terms of saving both energy and potentially money. On the other hand, a poor-performing door can have the opposite effect.

You can avoid the problems associated with worn-down doors by investing in beautiful patio doors from Lindsay Window & Door. We have proudly served homeowners all over the United States since 1947, providing top-tier craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

What Makes Our Patio Doors Your Best Bet for Improved Energy Efficiency?

At Lindsay Window & Door, we manufacture all of our products with the needs of our customers in mind. When homeowners invest in our patio doors, we want them to enjoy the benefits that come with a boost in their home’s energy efficiency. To improve your home’s performance, our doors have:

  • Low-E glass and argon gas fills – By crafting our doors with low-E glass and argon gas fills, we ensure that their U-value – the measure of thermal performance – is better than that of doors from competitors.
  • Super spacer technology – These doors feature warm edge spacer systems, which are outstanding for reducing heat loss and preventing condensation from forming. That can mean both better performance and longer-lasting doors.
  • Triple weatherstripping – With enhanced weatherstripping, our doors prevent drafts. That can lighten the strain on your HVAC system, allowing it to more easily maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.

Aesthetic Appeal That You Can Customize Yourself

When it comes to adding patio doors to your Kansas City home, visual appeal is certainly an important factor. And investing in the doors we manufacture at Lindsay Window & Door gives you a great look – one that you can customize. We have different colors, frames, and hardware options available to help you put together a door that suits your home’s style and your own personal preferences.

If you need a new patio door to improve the performance and aesthetic of your Kansas City home, contact Lindsay Window & Door.