ClimateSmart 350

There is an abundance of windows on the market that can be used for replacement, but the process of matching the dimensions to the window openings in your home can be difficult. When you are involved in a renovation or new home construction, there is nothing quite as welcoming as the words “made to your precise specifications” and “lifetime warranty”. We provide both and even more with our ClimateSmart 350 windows.

You may be considering home renovations that require replacement of old windows and aren’t sure which product to purchase. Our vinyl windows were designed to enhance the beauty of your home without compromise. These beautiful replacement windows combine traditional beauty with the convenience of vinyl. Also including a secure camlock for a tight seal with uncompromised security. Lindsay Windows strives to develop products to enhance the beauty of your home without compromising strength and energy efficiency. We manufacture latest state-of the-art vinyl windows with energy efficient low-E Glass that provides year-round comfort and energy savings at an affordable price point. With the ClimateSmart 350 you get the convenience of low maintenance and durability of vinyl while keeping the appearance of handcrafted wood windows. For environmentally friendly windows made to your precise specifications that will save you money during the heating and cooling seasons, call Lindsay Windows!