ClimateSmart 3800

We know that one window choice does not fit all! Not all homes are the same nor are the windows. We are not just an average manufacturer of residential windows. Offering our customers as many state-of-the-art innovations in producing high-quality products contribute to our long-standing success in the marketplace. If you’re replacing your existing aluminum windows, Lindsay Windows climate smart 3800 is specifically designed for your home. Built with extensive chambers, extremely strong and energy-efficient, and with extraordinary static appeal, the climate smart 3800 is the correct solution.

The climate smart 3800 was specifically designed for the replacement of aluminum windows. The extrusion was designed to give you unprecedented strength while minimizing the dimensions from inside to out. Most aluminum windows have an inside/outside dimension of 2 1/4 inches. Most vinyl windows are much thicker and therefore will either protrude from your home or require a liner cut back. The climate smart 3800 is designed specifically to solve this problem. The climate smart 3800 with its inside/outside dimension of 2 3/8 inches to the bevel is the ideal replacement for this application. Lindsay Windows did not stop there, adding multi-chambering to the frame in increasing the height of the profile, created this unique replacement window with unparalleled strength. If you’re replacing your aluminum windows, the climate smart 3800 is the perfect choice. Call Lindsay Windows for vinyl windows that are available in limitless selection of shapes and sizes with a lifetime warranty.