ClimateSmart 300 Windows

Replacement WindowsThe ClimateSmart all Window has a Fusion-welded frame and sash assuring strength, durability, and years of trouble-free service in the home. Cam Locks with keepers fastened into reinforcements provide greater security and reduced air infiltration. The ClimateSmart Window has a tilt-in lower sash for easy cleaning. Strong sill provides elegant look from the outside and decreases the possibility of a bowed sill. Bulb seal at bottom of lower sash provides a tight fit between the sash and frame. Reinforcement in fixed meeting rail is continuous for structural integrity. Block and tackle balances provide smooth operation. Dual locks on widths 24” and above. The 1-1/4” Integral, pre-punched nailing fin is designed for easy and accurate siding installation. The 3/4” Integral J-channel conceals siding and may eliminate the need for applied J-Channel. Traditional (WM180) brick mold exterior provides an attractive look on the exterior of the window.

Glass is an important component of all windows and doors, both in terms of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. LowE is a microscopically thin, virtually invisible coating deposited on a glass surface. This coating limits radiant heat flow between window panes by reflecting heat into your home during the winter weather and back to the outdoors during summer weather. Energy Performance with Low-E and Warm Edge Spacer System will ensure your home will be comfortable during the intense heat of summer and the frigid winds of winter. Upgrade your new windows and doors to our high-performance glass package.

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